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Clinical Supervision

I offer individual and group clinical supervision to counsellors/psychotherapists both trained and those currently in training. Additionally I offer supervision for those in related helping professions eg. nurses, doctors, social workers, probation officers, ministers, teachers and pastoral support professionals, who hold a clinical/therapeutic caseload.

The BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions (2016) Clause 61 states:

We also recommend supervision to anyone providing therapeutically-based services, working in roles that require regularly giving or receiving emotionally challenging communications, or engaging in relationally complex and challenging roles.

What is clinical supervision?

Clinical supervision is a formal and disciplined working alliance that is generally, but not necessarily, between a more experienced and a less experienced worker, in which the supervisee’s clinical work is reviewed and reflected upon, with the aims of: improving the supervisee’s work with clients; ensuring client welfare; supporting the supervisee in relation to their work, and supporting the supervisee’s professional development. It includes providing a reflective space and emotional support for professionals within the helping professions and seeks to ensure that services to clients are safe, ethical and competent.

Clinical supervision is a process of guided reflection rather than simply a top-down exchange emphasising the organisation’s expectations. Where possible clinical supervision should be external to the organisation and with somebody who does not hold line management responsibility for the supervisee.


I have a NCS Accredited Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision.

My way of working

I have many years’ experience as a clinical supervisor both within agencies and private practice. I work in an integrative relational way-using a wide range of skills and techniques including Inskipp & Proctor, person centred, motivational and solution focussed interviewing. I regularly offer mindfulness, art therapy and relaxation techniques and invite supervisees to consider what they need to ensure they are supported through vicarious trauma and are practicing in a safe and ethical way.

I work with other counsellors and those in the caring professions offering one to one clinical supervision for members of the helping professions which has included working with Joseph Weld Hospice Dorchester, Residential/Care Homes and hospital staff in both Weymouth and Jersey.

My practice is in Weymouth and I am available to provide supervision within the local area as well as e-supervision worldwide.


My fee for individual supervision is £60 per hour, however concessions are available for students and the voluntary sector

Should you require further information please contact me directly on Tel: 07714762012 or Email


‘Inskipp & Proctor declared- Good supportive care – Restorative…clearly present with supervisee throughout, with reassuring words and responses. Allowed supervisee to explain things in her own time and allowed some silence for reflection. Good evidence of the 3 tasks of supervision (Inskipp & Proctor ) in terms of support, skills/knowledge development and ethics- encouraged supervisee to focus on the clients need and respect autonomy. Good and supportive way of reminding supervisee that she holds responsibility for how she uses the supervision session….very respectful and enabling way of helping supervisee to take responsibility. Good way of helping supervisee to be reflective.’

Tutor feedback NCS Accredited Advanced Diploma Counselling Supervision – 2017

‘Seeing Alison for clinical supervision was like a sanctuary. Her empathetic style in combination with her ability to instinctively ask the right questions meant that I would feel understood and valued as well as appropriately challenged to maintain a rigour in my practise. A rejuvenating combination!’

‘Working with Alison has had a major impact on my practice. She is supportive, challenging and encouraging as a supervisor – a mix that has enabled me to explore and develop my own integrative approach to clients and has been instrumental in building my confidence and competence as a counsellor.’